myCADD Autocad and Revit Consulting Services

Mark Marquis

So why would I want to enter into the world of blogging? After all, there are a ton of other blogs related to autocad and revit out there. So here it is…Truth be told…the primary reason I decided to post this blog is to help develop my autocad and revit consulting business, myCADD. that we’ve got that out of the way,what do I blog about that people will find interesting and useful? We’ll we are pretty good here at myCADD with implementing, training and support firms using autocad and revit. As we consult with firms we are constantly challenged to streamline how software works, and we have learned and discovered lots of tricks. So here in this blog I plan on sharing those tips’n’tricks and lessons learned…and I think many others will find this useful information too.

So thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing your ideas too.

Troy Mifsud

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