The quickest & most cost effective way to get
Accurate As-built conditions of your building.

Laser Field Measuring & Revit Modeling

Do you need accurate plans of your building? Our team can laser scan the building, inside or out, to build a highly accurate point cloud. We can deliver you the point cloud for your use in Revit or Autocad. If you prefer our team of BIM experts can build a 3D Revit model of the building for you.

  • Laser Scanning
  • Laser Scanning
  • Laser Scanning
  • Laser Scanning

We go a step beyond the competition with our modeling services. Our goal is to deliver a model that’s built the way you would build it. First, we clearly define what goes in the model and how detailed each component should be, so we are not doing any unnecessary work. Next we discuss file organization and modeling strategies and then build the model with your revit templates and families…. so when you get the model it’ll be immediately usable and exactly what you expect.

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What Makes myCADD Different

Multiple Measuring Tools

We use the right measuring tool for each part of your job to keep costs down.

The "Right" Level of Detail

We’ll work with you ahead of time to clearly identify the scope of what’s included – so you aren’t paying for something you don’t need.

A Better Modeling Approach

We build the models using your templates, family libraries, and usability standards. It’s as if you did the model on your own.

Field Measuring & Modeling Strategy

As-Built Documentation of Existing Conditions

Each project starts by clearly defining the scope of work & the project goals. After a walk-though of the facility, and a discussion of what needs to be documented, we’ll determine what measuring technologies & modeling approaches we will use for the project.
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Do you need accurate “As-built” documentation of the Existing Conditions of a building?

You’ve arrived at the right place. With our laser scanning \ measuring tools we can quickly and accurately capture all the details of your building.

From the laser scans we can build a 3D “As-Built” Building Information Models (BIM) and CAD plans from these scans.