Need a Refresher Course?

Free Retakes For Your Classroom Training Within 12 Months

Free Class Retakes

We offer free retakes within 12 months for any classes attended at our training facility in Boston.

Need a refresher? Miss a day due to illness or schedule conflict? No problem.  As long as classes are not full you are welcome to retake any classes for which you've paid to attend in the past 12 months after the original course date.

We ask that you coordinate with the instructor to select a date there is space available. If you know you will want a retake, we recommend letting us know ASAP using the form below. 

If you show up for a retake without prior approval, you will not be able to attend.

When requesting dates for your retake, please be sure to check the class schedules to ensure there is a class on the date you choose.

Submit the Form Below to Request a Free Retake