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The Keys to Revit Productivity Are Training, Templates & Libraries


All Revit projects are started from templates. If you are new to Revit you may assume the “Out of the Box” default template provided by Autodesk would be well developed and would provide an adequate starting point for projects, but this is not the case. Templates need to be customized and pre-built with your custom graphic standards, prototype sheets, legends, schedules, details and modeling components, so your staff can focus on the design, instead of the drafting. When you have a custom template in place EVERY person saves times on EVERY job.

At myCADD we have helped over 100 firms develop templates so we can effectively advise you on how to setup your template, or if you don’t have time we can do all the leg work for you.

Revit Families

Revit Families are the building blocks for your project. All too often your staff can’t find the building component they are looking for, or aren’t happy with what they find. The result is time wasted searching the web or trying to figure out how to build their own family. What this really means is hours and hours wasted on every job. By organizing and building a comprehensive library Every person saves time on Every job.

Most firms try to build their own library, but find they can’t dedicate the time. At myCADD we can help you finally get your library in order. We have a great collection of “starter” families which can be purchased, and customized if needed. We can also build any missing families for you…and you may be surprised how quickly and cost effectively we can do that for you.

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