Remote BIM Services

A Flexible and Cost-Effective alternative to full-time BIM Management.

Are you looking for a Flexible and Cost-Effective alternative to full-time BIM Management?

myCADD Remote BIM Managers and Technicians can take care of ALL of your Revit needs, so your team can focus on the project, instead of figuring out the software.

Pricing: 10 Hours per month starts at $750\month!


Remote BIM Management Services

Our remote BIM Managers and BIM Technicians can provide all the same services as a full-time BIM manager, without the commitment and expense.

To kick things off, we’ll meet with your team to set up a list of tasks and goals, which we’ll track in our web-portal. We’ll schedule recurring appointments and check in with you each time to review priorities. At the end of the day we’ll send a summary of completed work, so you always know where things stand. 

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Services Include

  • Revit Template Updates
  • Revit Content Development (Revit Families, 2D Drafted Details, etc.)
  • Revit Library Management
    • Library Review and Cleanup
    • Project Harvesting
  • Custom Training & Workshops
  • Software Installation
  • Autodesk License Management & Software Deployments
  • Revit Skills Assessment (for New Employees) and Onboarding
  • BIM Execution Plan Development
  • Standards\Best Practices Development
  • Project Kickoffs, Project Reviews & Health Checks & Project Updates
  • Helpdesk

How it Works

You determine how much time each week\month you feel is appropriate.   Services are sold in blocks of 10 hours.  With each 10 hour block you get 2 “scheduled” hours per week and 2 hours per month for “unplanned” requests.  You can determine if services should be provided by our BIM Technicians, Support Specialists, BIM Manager or combination.    We will schedule the same technician for the same day\time each week.

Rates start at $75\hour!!