Let myCADD keep your plans up to date.

Update your base plans as needed or on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

CAFM Base Plan Updates

Keeping an up to date record of your building is critical for facilities….but it’s also challenging. You receive lots of files, from lots of different architects and CM’s, all in various file formats. Then you have to clean everything up to update your files. Let our CAD and BIM experts take that task off your plate. We can keep your CAD and Revit files up to date for you!


    First, we can help you develop your CAD\BIM Guidelines and Deliverable requirements. We’ll review the submitted documents to make sure you receive what was required. We’ll then incorporate the changes into your master plans.

    We can also make any required changes to any types of plans you produce such area plans, SOC & Life Safety and produce PDF sets to distribute within your organization.

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