Laser Scan Field Measuring in New England

Mark Marquis

NE Laser Scan Field Measuring

Looking for BIM Laser Scan technology in New England? Whether you’re situated in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT or beyond, myCADD is the #1 choice for your Laser Scan needs. We’ll develop a laser field measuring & modeling strategy with you to identify the scope of what’s needed and what your costs will be.
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PDF & CAD to BIM – We’ll build models your way, with your families! After reviewing your project organization and modeling techniques, we’ll start projects with your BIM templates. Using your family libraries, it will be as if you built the models yourself! And need CAD & BIM Updates/ Maintenance? We can update your CAD Base Plans to incorporate recently created projects & keep everything up to date.
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Need accurate As Built BIM & Cad plans from Existing Conditions? We’ll use our 3D Laser Scanner and
Handheld Lasers to scan, measure and capture all of the details of your building.
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Contact us today for more information on using laser scanning for your New England project!
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