Support when you need it.

Revit and Autocad – Helpdesk and Support.

We all know…time is money. You can’t have your team “stuck” dealing with the complexities of BIM technologies. myCADD support is standing by ready to assist with any BIM questions & challenges. Support is available without contracts, but you can save up to 33% off standard rates by signing up for a Helpdesk & Support contract. Plus, this is more than just helpdesk. Any unused hours roll over to the next month and can be used for tasks such as Revit Family building or Revit Template development.


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Here's How It Works

  • You choose a set number of support hours each month.
  • You are billed the same amount each month. 12 Month contracts are required.
  • Any hours not used in the month roll over to next month and can be used for Development tasks such as building of Revit Families and Templates.
  • You can choose how your staff can reach out to us. Requests can go through your points of contact first, or your staff can reach out to us directly.
  • If more hours are required for support than anticipated you can borrow from the next month.
  • Support is available from 9am – 5pm EST Mon. through Friday by phone or email.